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User Experience

Smart organizations have become aware about refining the end-user experience of their IT products and solutions for an insightful impact on their business. User Experience (UX) focuses on designing and implementing an intelligible human-computer interaction to create an engaging experience that ultimately prompts efficiency, adoption, and promotion.

Building Great Digital Experiences

Our User Experience Consulting practice combines exceptional design and development conceptually into every phase of the development life cycle, keeping end-user requirements at the highest precedence. The UX team at MF Bzone creates a powerful digital technology-based experience that will not only fulfill but exceed your customers’ expectations. We work to develop a deep and holistic understanding of how customers interact across various touch points in your business, and based on this we envision new ways to coordinate experiences across multiple channels to deliver goods and services in the best and optimal way. For us, it is more than just a design. It's building great digital experiences.

We design compelling user experiences across multiple digital delivery channels - web portals, web apps, mobile apps - while paying attention to big picture details at the business strategy level, but also focusing a great level of attention to detail at the pixel level, thus delighting your users.

Ensure your digital products accomplish your users’ as well as your organizational objectives for amplified engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

Attain an edge over your competitors with our User Experience Consulting Services and let us help you create more desirable solutions.

Our Capabilities

➤ Customer Experience Mapping

➤ Concept Prototyping & Validation

➤ Product Visioning

➤ Service Blueprints

➤ Service Road maps

➤ Strategy Road maps

➤ Experience Design

➤ Design Strategy

➤ Mobile App Design

➤ User Research

➤ Brand Strategy

➤ Content Strategy

➤ Innovation Consulting

➤ Social Media Integration

➤ Analytic & measurement

➤ Multi-screen design

➤ Information Architecture

➤ Interaction Design

➤ Interface Design

➤ Persona Development

➤ Story boarding

➤ Visual Design

➤ Usability analysis & testing

➤ Prototyping

➤ Front-end development

➤ Back-end development

➤ API/services layer definition

➤ Ongoing hosting and maintenance

➤ Systems integration

➤ Training, Mentoring, and Developer Assistance.