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Customer Relationship Management

All customers can’t be treated the same way. To keep up with all of them, organizations are experiencing a constant pressure to be more customer-centric and promote more operative relationships. It is essential to maintain a balance by reducing the cost of enticing, retaining, as well as rewarding your best customers, while also refining the customer experience for a more loyal customer base.

We can help you identify emerging opportunities that only help you gain insights of customers' needs, but, also provide you with flexible tools to continue executing more functional, well-timed, and cost-effective interactions with them. We work closely with you to plan and reorganize service delivery around customer demands, hence, creating a detailed, integrated view of your customers and coordinate services.

MF Bzone takes a consultative approach and work directly providing you a solution that meets your objectives. Combining industry’s proven practices with the strength, stability, and power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to facilitate you in maximizing your technology investments. Our extended solutions methodology allows us to quickly and lucratively extend the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to develop applications that are preferably suitable to your business needs.

Customer Relationship Management

To grow revenue, you need more than a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application — you need Salesforce. Managing contacts is just the beginning. With the world’s #1 CRM, you can track all sales activity — every lead, opportunity, and customer — and take action from wherever you are. So you spend more time selling to the right people, armed with their personal marketing data and social insights.

Marketing Automation

We assist our customers to effectively create, execute, schedule and track marketing campaigns across multiple channels. With web-to-lead forms, you can have your leads directly created in your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM and set a workflow to assign them to sales reps once they are converted into sales opportunities. Real time analytical reports would support you in effective utilization of every penny spent.

Sales Automation

We help you to stay on top of your business deals and close them faster with a single, shared system for managing leads, opportunities and accounts. Keep all account information and associated sales opportunities, contacts, activities, history, quotes and orders in a single place. Grow your business thriving on real-time and accurate sales forecast and always stay updated with real-time sales performance dashboards.

Service Desk Automation

We make sure of you being utmost effective in managing your relationship with the customers by logging and monitoring your customer cases centrally, allowing for a detailed history of customer requests and alerts as part of every account. Track the effectiveness of your case and issue handling processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Referring to the integrated Knowledge Base, provide consistent, accurate and faster resolution as per agreed SLA. Empower your customer with an enriched FAQ database access for the answers they need quickly.

WorkFlow Automation

Workflow Management allows you to configure cause and effect type actions throughout the CRM system and across multiple modules. Workflows can be used to update fields, send emails, or create records once certain sets of conditions are achieved. Workflows are a great way to configure automated processes within the CRM system so that users do not need to remember the steps, time and conditions for taking a specific action.

Order & Invoicing Management

MF Bzone Order Management Solution would boost your business to utilize the power of the CRM application in managing your Ordering and Invoicing process. It helps to create quotations, setting the pricing rules, manual discounting with adequate rights, conversion of a Quote to an Order and finally invoicing against an order. Invoice information can further be shared with any Accounting package with appropriate integration.

HR Process Automation

Automate your HR processes through your CRM system and manage candidate and employee information on your finger tips. Taction supports its customers in automating and integrating HR processes like CV shortlisting, Candidate Interview, Employee Onboarding, Employee Record Management, Appraisal, Leave Management etc. creating a centralized platform for appropriate visibility to every member. HR process workflow automation creates not only better transparency at each corner , but also helps you in managing organization policies effectively.

Accounting Integration

If you need to generate reports of revenue, sales rep commission and profitability at a click away…get your accounting application integrated with the CRM system. Taction offers seamless two way integration between the CRM and Accounting packages like QuickBook, Tally etc. The tightly integrated system would allow you to generate invoices directly out of your CRM and instantly synchronized client and invoice details into your accounting package saving hours of manual effort in creating duplicate entries in two separate systems.

ERP Integration

Your business completes the cycle of automation once the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are integrated together. CRM simplifies and standardizes customer interactions, ensuring a steady flow and effective management of sales opportunities into the business at the same time ERP streamlines business or operational processes and ensure a steady flow of products and services to the customers.

Telephoney Integration

MF Bzone offers Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) between the CRM system and your telephone system for you to leverage the existing infrastructure and integrate it seamlessly with your call center. The integrated system improves call handling, response times, and agent performance , hence overall call center productivity. Outgoing & incoming call handling, Call logging, Call Screen Pops – caller’s name and other details provided by CRM for inbound calls, detailed call manager pop-up, caller id registration to Contact and Accounts on the fly are some of the critical benefits of the Telephony integration.

Data Migration

MF Bzone data migration services can help you in seamlessly migrating from your existing CRM to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM without any down time and data or functionality loss. Our data migration services start with migration planning and end with the end user adoption of the new CRM platform. We are the experts of ACT to SugarCRM migration, Joho CRM to SugarCRM migration, Salesforce to SugarCRM migration, Goldmine to SugarCRM migration and also SugarCRM to SuiteCRM migration.