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Process Consulting

Globally Business Process Modeling and Management Applications are high priority emerging technologies. Catering to the diversified IT requirements, MF Bzone uses the latest technologies to develop, re-engineer, automate and/or integrate processes by building on innovative business ideas.

We undertake the following Tasks to make software technology work for our clients
  1. ➤ Determine new Technology outside of the client's industry.
  2. ➤ Check commercial viability of client's existing technology.
  3. ➤ Compare client's technology with the best in its industry.
  4. ➤ Suggest, develop and implement the best solution.
  5. ➤ Integrate and automate client's work flows and business processes.

MF Bzone excels in providing strategic IT consulting services to its valued customers globally, to automate their business processes and workflow management to maximize the Return on Investment. Our expertise and skills set enables us to deliver state-of-the-art IT solutions to satisfy the diversified needs of major market verticale

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Services

In order to effectively implement your IT Service Management practices we also offer automation of these practices using industry renowned HP Service Manager. Here we carefully ensure that all ITIL standards are met so that you can keep on improving your services as and when required. Design and deployment of the following areas are done in HP Service Manager at minimum:

  1. ➤ Service Desk Management.
  2. ➤ Service Catalog Management.
  3. ➤ Incident Management.
  4. ➤ Service Request Management.
  5. ➤ Change Management.
  6. ➤ Configuration Management.
  7. ➤ Service Level Management.
  8. ➤ Knowledge Management.
  9. ➤ Problem Management.

This makes the comprehensive definition of business processes and their effective management through automation imperative for service providers. With the aim to improve the overall customer service experience and generate higher profits, service providers seek adequate measures and proven methodologies to manage these challenges and maximize benefits.

Consulting group serves its customers by providing services which include process design, process re-engineering, process transformation, process harmonization, process analytics and benchmarking with respect to standards such as Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), etc. Process designing refers to clearly defining and building a process. Re-engineering involves reconstruction of a business process to gain efficiency. Process transformation involves drastic changes made to business processes to comply with business drivers.