1791797 MF Bzone (Group of companies)

Crucial to Your Business

In order to succeed, you need clarity of purpose, confidence in your capabilities and the right connections. Our dedicated industry teams help companies to

➤ understand how their industries are changing

➤ solve the problems they face as markets evolve

➤ identify growth opportunities

➤ develop the strategies and relationships that are critical to success

MF Bzone was founded in 1990. Our first focus was helping emerging markets develop, especially those in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. There was massive opportunity for companies who knew how to do business with the West, and we were there to help them make the right connections.

We’ve grown steadily, organically and profitably ever since the early days. Today, we help companies deal with the impact of changing technology, as well as supporting emerging markets.

How we do Things

We offer help in the sectors where it’s needed most, using specialist industry knowledge to promote development.

➤ We identify the key trends in emerging or disrupted industries

➤ We work in small groups, getting deeply involved in our specialist areas of industry

➤ We then focus on helping organisations determine their strategy's

Spotting a need

When changes happen in an emerging or disrupted industry, we identify which groups would benefit from information, guidance, or the support of a partnership.

Inside knowledge

We work in small groups, getting deeply involved in our specialist areas of industry. Whether we’re producing content, organising conferences or writing reports, our work is built on year-round, in-depth research in the industries we cater for – both on and offline.

Starting as observers, we quickly become trusted partners, guiding and advising our clients on how the future’s developing.

Innovative and forward-thinking

Our industry teams have great deal of autonomy, giving them the freedom to lead the way and find the most beneficial approach for the businesses we work with.

We encourage new ideas, and good practice is shared across our company to improve our capability and growth.

Introduction to our BI Service Offering


We ensure top level of quality and Estimating service is maintained at all times.Focus on what you do best We enjoy what we do so we love doing the quoting for our clients. Best of all, we love working with our clients day to day so our clients do not lose that "relationship" that may attributed to outsourcing. Our staff develops and maintains close relationships with all our direct clients so remain every one of our team.


Whether it’s creating a BI vision for the client or devising an implementation strategy, our consultants team up with subject matter experts and leverage a combination of industry domain knowledge and technical expertise to deliver exceptional results.


With ever-changing business needs, be it any industry, solution updates and enhancements become imperative for business growth. Our Project Managers, Business Analysts, and technical experts can take on an entire BI LifeCycle, or can work on an ad-hoc basis at any stage of SDLC; developing ETL, EDW designs, reporting and visualization or optimization.


Data update within EDW is a continuous process and so is delivering intelligence to business users, and business cannot afford any sort of hurdles or bottlenecks. For ensuring smooth operation of a BI project, our BI-support services play a vital role.

Global Delivery

For our customers abroad, our value proposition is to provide the highest quality of work at reasonable rates. MF Bzone delivers such a blend with offshore technical resources and On-Shore consultants and Analysts, who ensure client satisfaction and deliver professionally and extensively, tested solutions.

LifeCycle of our BI Development Process

LifeCycle of a BI project is different in nature than the traditional waterfall or the agile methodologies. A BI LifeCycle is a continuous process of evolution where one iteration feeds the next iteration. We value our ability to keep the business community engage almost throughout the engagement to ensure a successful project implementation

Starting from defining an initial project strategy and direction an iterative process of analyze, design, and develop and roll out begins. The architecture being the corner stone of a successful technical implementation remains open and versatile. Business users get engaged early in the process in defining the initial requirements. Rolling out the first build engages the business community completely defining a path to an end-user engaged multiple deployments.