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Business Application

MF Bzone have design and developed mobile apps that get featured in the app store. We provide innovative web and mobile apps and enterprise mobility solutions to small and large scale companies or government sectors. We provide end-to-end solution and develop both Native and Cross Platform Mobile Applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Our Agile Scrum delivery process helps us in on time and on budget mobile apps delivery to companies.

Mobile App Development

Development in latest technology and the recent scenario of smart phone users clearly show that demand of mobile apps is increasing rapidly.MF Bzone is a leading mobile app development company offering mobile application development services for android, iPhone, iPad and windows mobile application development.

Our team of mobile app developers is creative and knowledgeable to accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. With advanced tools and technology our mobile apps developers are able to create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and enterprises. Our experience and past work are the showcase of our brilliance in mobile applications development.

Why Do You Choose Us?
  • ➤ Team of Experienced developers
  • ➤ In-Depth knowledge of frameworks and mobile technologies
  • ➤ On – demand capacity to meet tight deadlines
  • ➤ Quality oriented work process
  • ➤ Timely delivery and cost effective services
  • ➤ Recognized for developing high quality and robust mobile apps
Mobile Apps Development Services We Offer
iPhone Application Development

Our professional iPhone application developers are well equipped in iOS technological advancements. Our team of developers stay updated with latest versions and newly launched devices of iOS. Using iPhone SDK our mobile app developers build custom iPhone apps as a part of our services.

iPad App Development

We are proficient in iOS development and well prepared in delivering best scalable iPad applications to our clients. From the onset we have been prompt in exploring iPad apps with the best outcomes. We have expertise in building customized iPad apps for all domains that users love.

Android App Development

Android operating system is widely used due to its smart and rich applications. Our team of developers are acquainted in app development for Android phones and tablets. We transcend in giving Android application development services for your business or consumer app demands.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Our professional windows mobile application developers are proficient in developing easy to use windows mobile applications. Possessing the knowledge of visual studio IDE (integrated development environment), .Net compact framework and SQL server mobile edition, our developers deliver the best results.

Web Development
Website Development

Websites have become a basic requirement for every business today. At MF Bzone, we offer Website Design and Development services which will play a pivotal role in your success on the Internet by building a superior website for your company.

Our Web Design Services

Our talented team of website Developers and designers will work with you to create a website that is not only very user friendly, but is also compatible with most operating systems, platforms and browsers. With our Web Development Services, the site we build for you will be search engine friendly, generating you thousands of hits and increasing your revenue. Another of the most important factors in the website field are that your site is interesting, easy to use, and represents the core values of your company. We will work closely with you to assess your needs and determine how we can design a unique, market driven website to help you generate more site visitors and keep them on your site for longer.

Our Web Development Services & Process

We follow a methodical process for quality website Development. The project will be divided into different stages, ensuring that every aspect is covered thoroughly and that your approval is achieved every single step of the way.

Our first step will be to discuss with you and determine what your vision is for the site. We will then meticulously build the site that you want, using keywords and images that correctly line up with your company goals and values. Our sites are always marketing oriented, meaning that they inspire and influence the visitor to convert to a buyer due to the convincing and trustworthy content that we present.

A Continuous Process

At MF Bzone, we consider website development to be a continuous process. We will continue to update and develop your site as the need arises to keep your web presence fresh and competitive and at the top of search engine results. You will be assigned a dedicated team of designers to complete your site to your satisfaction and to continue to assist you as the need arises.

Another of our specialities is making sure that your website is compatible with all smart phones. We can convert your site to a mobile web application for smart phones, cutting back on the cost of building a new application altogether.

Mobile Website Development

Initially, we thought that Mobile web development will be one of the other services that we will provide to our customers. However, the era of mobile web development has dawned and we couldn’t be left far behind. Consider this. More than 58% of U.S population own a smart phone already.

With HTML 5 gaining popularity, you need to have a mobile site that supports the latest technology. What’s more, Flash isn’t supported any longer by iOS and Android mobile devices, and you need HTML 5 to display videos effectively.

How Do We Help You?

We help increase your ROI and gain more customers. Tap in the market of over 1.2 billion people already using mobile to access the web. Our developers have the experience and efficiency of working across different mobile platforms. Here is how we can help you:

  • ➤ Help you understand the how’s and what’s of mobile web for a mobile platform.
  • ➤ Help make your website fit into small screens, faster browsers and better displays.
  • ➤ Quality and result driven work process that meet what’s required, time and again!
  • ➤ We meet tight deadlines that ensure your business strategy is never hampered.
  • ➤ Support for HTML5, Javascript, jQuery framework and more!
Why Do You Need Mobile Web Development?
  • ➤ Mobile devices have different hardware features when compared with a desktop or laptop computers.
  • ➤ Screens of mobile devices are smaller and usually switch from portrait to landscape as one rotates its screen.
  • ➤ The website is built natively on the device which means that the unique features a mobile device might offer, is actually taken advantage off.
Why is Mobile Web Development Necessary?
  • Mobile website doesn’t require downloads.
  • A mobile website is accessible to users via a browser which is available across devices.

  • One Mobile Website across many mobile devices and Reach
  • A single mobile website is available to users on different devices.

  • Easy Up-gradation
  • Mobile Web Developers have made the experience of Web Development dynamic. The website up-gradation is flexible when it comes to data and content.

    Let MF Bzone Guide You

    We know you might be confused when choosing between mobile web development and mobile app development. It is important that the final development meets the objectives of a business. A Mobile Web developer needs to master technology; be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows. That’s why we are there to help you decide what you need and give you a product that you will love. After all, Mobile Web Development is a 360 degree solution to your business!