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Customer Service

The customer’s expectations of “customer service” is rapidly changing. With new emerging technologies and the availability of “big data”, the definition of “customer service” is being redefined on almost a daily basis. Is your customer service function able to keep up?

Recent studies reflect the changing customer dynamic, as the following statistics demonstrate

1) 60% of customers are ready to pay for a better customer experience.

2) 89% shift to competitors because of a poor customer service experience.

3) 59% have tried a new brand to see if they get a better experience.

52% of customers use three to four communication channels, including;
– 21% of online shoppers like to use live chat
– 54% prefer email communication
Highlights of our Customer Service approach include

1) 24 x 7 x 365 services.

2) Client dedicated customer service agents with continuous training, motivation and retention focus.

3) Language support, including English.

Simply stated, companies that keep clients happy are rewarded with customer loyalty and repeat business. To help companies provide a higher degree of Customer Satisfaction, MF Bzone focuses on “high touch”, specialized customer service, addressing the key issues that impact customer satisfaction: knowledgeable service, rapid response and resolution, multi-channel communication, a superior customer experience. We deliver customized, cost-effective solutions that improve customer retention, drive new sales and enhance brand loyalty.

MF Bzone Customer Service offerings include
Customer Service

Customer Service, from customer enrollment to pre and post-sales support, including warranty and exchange transactions, dispute and complaint resolution, returns management, credit issuance.

Order Management

Order Management, from product queries and quotations, to order entry and fulfillment, billing and payment processing including PCI compliant credit card transaction processing.

Credit and Collections

Credit and Collections, from credit verification to establishing and maintaining customer credit limits, aging analysis, customer payment follow-up and collections, and bad debt management.

Cash Application

Cash Application, from payment processing and account application, research and reconciliation on open balances and un-applied cash

Technical support

Technical support, from end user support to application, system support and product support, service request and incident management, alerting and escalation, and availability management.

Customer satisfaction

Good customer service is about managing the perceptions of your customers and giving them a positive experience of doing business with you. Are your staff friendly and professional? Are your products and services up to scratch? Do you deliver what you promise?

Getting this right is vital. To create satisfied customers, you need to establish a relationship with them based on understanding their needs. Then you need to exceed their expectations at every turn.

Every business makes promises to its customers, whether tacit or implied. Make sure you are delivering results. A good rule of thumb is to under-promise and over-deliver.

Customer Success Premium

Customer Success Premium includes:


A Customer Success Manager familiar with your environment helps you achieve your business goals:

1) A single point of contact at MF Bzone—all products, all locations

2) A trusted advisor who tailors MF Bzone to grow your organization’s security proficiency


1) Priority access to more experienced security support engineers and designated product experts, around the clock

2) On-site emergency response when necessary

3) Unlimited access to instructor-led training


Ongoing account review the drive progress against key performance indicators selected for your business.