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Organizational Development

Turn learners into leaders

In order to drive innovation, develop great managers of people and accelerate growth, organizations need a strategic learning and development program that is embedded into the foundation of the company’s culture and strategy.

MF Bzone helps organizations create and execute powerful learning and development programs, backed by industry-leading learning technology, aimed at cutting down time spent onboarding, advancing individual career growth, increasing performance and driving business outcomes.

VIP’s organizational development solutions help organizations
  • Improve the performance of your people, allowing you to drive growth and value from your critical talent pools
  • Identify and reduce competency and skills gaps
  • Develop customized training and professional development courses tailored at your unique learning needs
  • Align your organization with critical changes with a holistic, integrated approach
  • Measure skills, identify competencies and evaluate behaviors and knowledge
  • Build tighter goal alignment and goal visibility for quicker execution of company strategy
  • Deliver one-on-one executive coaching or customized workshops focused on specific leadership competencies
Why organizational development consulting?

The goal of organizational development is sustained performance improvement of an organization while enriching the lives of its members.

Organizations that invest internally in their resources, structures and strategies are agile organizations that are better equipped to compete and win in today’s global economy. Organizational development professionals recognize that change is nOperational Management Consultingot isolated. Change ripples. And the effects of even minor decisions can be unexpected and profound. Organizational development consultants analyze an organization systemically, recognizing that all change—positive or negative, and regardless of its source—can resound throughout an organization. It may result in unanticipated consequences—both beneficial and detrimental—and is seldom limited to the piece of the business in which the change originated. This systemic perspective goes beyond typical corporate consulting to recognize and address significant opportunities and challenges that better position your organization for growth and success.

Assessment and Analysis

To drive performance you need to carefully understand the competencies that are required for success within each job role in the organization. Developing and retaining talent in those roles calls for an identification of learning paths and coaching needs or a determination of an employee’s readiness for a role. Our experienced assessment and analysis consultants are certified in the tools that measure skills, identify competencies, and evaluate behaviors and knowledge.

Executive Leadership Development

Enable your leadership to lead and ensure sustainable growth. Clarity consultants have the topical expertise and industry background to conduct assessments and deliver training solutions, whether for one-on-one executive coaching or customized workshops focused on specific leadership competencies.

Succession Planning

It is not easy to identify people who are “ready to go” and fill the gaps caused by planned or unplanned losses of leaders in an organization. But succession planning is the lifeblood sustaining a successful business – and development plans underpin the entire process. Our succession planning consultants can help you prepare for the future by helping you recognize and develop high-potential talent to take vital leadership positions in your organization.

Change Management

New business initiatives, new technology and new procedures require new behaviors from employees. Corporate change is inevitable, but it shouldn’t be painful or costly to your company.

We've Successfully Guided Change

Leading change is about more than cultivating a vision and then motivating people toward that vision. It's also developing relevant, realistic and flexible action plans. It's about getting the ownership and commitment of all members of the organization. It's about ensuring those action plans are implemented in a timely manner -- and continually learning at the same time. We've guided that process many times with many clients over the years. (A list if available from the link in the side bar.)

We've Experienced Change

There are few experiences that teach someone how to guide change than to actually experience major change from within an organization. Many of our consultants have been leaders and managers inside of organizations, and have experienced what works -- and what doesn't -- when guiding change. We can bring that learning to your organization.

We Understand All Aspects of Organizations

Many people assert that most organizational change projects fail. We believe that one of the major reasons is that those who are leading the change often don't understand the workings of the organization. Their plans too often are delivered to the rest of the members of the organization without really getting their input -- without really understanding what those members do. We understand what they do. We understand Boards, the role of the Chief Executive Officer, products and programs, marketing, personnel and finance.

We Still Understand Your Organization is Unique

There are many facets of organizations that are similar -- for example, rules and regulations for governing Boards, best practices for marketing and product development, accounting standards for how finances are monitored and reported, and employment laws for how employees should be hired and supervised.

But each organization is unique in how its members make decisions and solve problems. The values, perspectives and opinions of members on the organization make it even more unique. We always start our projects by fully understanding the organization and its operations -- by listening to its members to understand their wishes, expectations and concerns about the project. That's a strong requirement in any project for change if that project is to be truly successful.

We Provide Strong Expertise In All Aspects of Organizations

Organizational development and change affects all aspects of your organization.. Our senior consultants have the skills and expertise to enhance all of those aspects. Take a look at our Consultants.

We have satisfied clients from different cultures and from all over the world


Between tight budgets and program demand, your non-profit or association has to do more with less – and do it well no matter what because so many people are depending on you.

If your organization is undergoing a big change in leadership or workforce structure due to a merger, funding change, restructuring, retirement, or new initiative, you have even more on your already full plate.

Brighter Strategies will help your organization make the most of your people, processes, and plans so you can deliver on your promises and perform at the top of your game. We do that through customized organizational development and change management work.

We Implement Real, Meaningful Change

Organizational development and change management can have an incredibly powerful effect on your ability to meet your social mission.

Our approach is built around a core People, Planning, Process, Performance philosophy.