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Business Process Management (BPM)

Business processes underlie all organizational efforts, and the effectiveness with which they are carried out contributes directly to critical business goals such as customer retention, length of time it takes to fulfill a product order or service, or regulatory compliance.

Business process management (BPM) is a management discipline that combines a process-centric and cross-functional approach to improving how organizations achieve their business goals. A BPM solution provides the tools that help make these processes explicit, as well as the functionality to help business managers control and change both manual and automated work flows. Although early implementations of BPM have unfolded in large enterprises, managing business processes is critical for any size of organization that would benefit from greater visibility into and control over the processes that support their business goals.

Business process management has its origins in total quality management and business process reengineering. While it adds to these a technological framework, it is more than just the combination of these disciplines. BPM is an IT enabled management discipline that promotes organizational agility and supports the efforts of people to drive process change and rapid innovation. As such, BPM supports the alignment of IT and business activities both within the organization and with business partners and suppliers.

Implementing Your Process Strategy For Business Excellence

Business Process Management (BPM) offers a meticulous approach to classify, design, implement, monitor, and measure both automated and non-automated business processes to accomplish desired goals that are in accordance with an organization’s objective goals. Concisely putting, BPM initiates and improves management of end-to-end business processes to drive business results, generate value and facilitate an organization in attaining its business objectives with even more agility.

MF Bzone has a vast experience of implementing BPM Solutions over different product suites like Software's development.

Design Processes

➤ MF Bzone process solutions, rapidly built through drag-and-drop functionality

➤ Native process repository captures and stores process models for rapid reuse

➤ Business rules to define your critical policies and procedures

➤ Forms interface design enables fast creation of task forms and dashboards

➤ Complex event processing for tracking, analyzing, and responding to business events

Execute with Ease

➤ Instant deployment of your newly built solutions on a scalable, flexible platform

➤ Out-of-the-box Integration with diverse systems

➤ Built-in enterprise mobility delivers responsive. mobile user experiences with no extra work

➤ Appian Records unify all data from across systems and processes in a single location

➤ Intuitive user interfaces deliver great user experiences

Manage Tasks

1) Real-time management tools monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks, and view performance

2) Task management increases worker efficiency and reduces costs

3) Real-time visibility provides granular tracking of process and task progress

4) Skills-based routing ensures the right worker gets the right task

5) Social collaboration across people, processes, and systems drives awareness

Continually Optimize

1) Continuous process improvement constantly evolves business performance

2) Aggregated process history analysis identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies

3) Predictive analytics leverage past performance and trends to create self-optimizing processes

4) Dynamic reporting provides real-time visibility into business operations

5) Appian Labs applies Appian BPM expertise to your process design and performance