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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

MF Bzone EAI expertise spans across the entire range of industry leading EAI tools such as Oracle Fusion Middleware, Tibco, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft etc. MF Bzone has focused our efforts on comprehensive Enterprise Application management, Middleware administration and support services.

Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) is a process that handles data integration from disparate applications irrespective of the platform and making it easily accessible. This allows smooth sharing and distribution of business processes within organizations.

At MF Bzone, we know that data should be easily available across different systems and business processes within an organization. Our EAI services streamline and simplify the business processes across functions and improve information exchange between systems at any level of your enterprise. This way the information accessibility becomes easy, business processes are enhanced, while ensuring that the information flow and quality remains smooth without being compromised.

MF Bzone offers enterprise integration services and Middleware Practice Centers of Excellence Services for data synchronization, applications integration, and seamless business process(es), and workflows.

MF Bzone Enterprise Application Integration practice helps provide seamless integration between disparate applications across an enterprise, eliminating barriers of connectivity and data portability. MF Bzone Enterprise Application Service provides a comprehensive range of services covering the full lifecycle of the integration solution framework:

➤ EAI strategy & roadmap definition

➤ Product evaluations

➤ Infrastructure planning

➤ Middleware definition, design and deployment

➤ Migration and upgrade services

Using our EAI skills, we connect your systems so as to cut back on costs, link together front-back offices, integrate e-commerce transactions, and build better customer relations.

Our EAI solutions help in

➤ Integrating ERPs

➤ Improving customer interactions

➤ Enabling business process developments

➤ Reducing complex IT infrastructure

➤ Integrating supply chains

➤ Optimizing e-commerce

➤ Improving transaction delivery at reduced costs

Coping with Disparities

Enterprises acquire disparate technology solutions, technologies and applications as they spread their boundaries across different business areas.. However, these applications are often unable to communicate and share information with each other due to lack of interoperability, inability to communicate across variable formats, dissimilar standards of operations, and so on.

Enterprises are also increasingly looking forward to reconfiguring their business processes through tighter integration of applications from multiple vendors, by opting for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). EAI helps achieve effective communication across various business applications and delivery channels, thus ensuring seamless data integration from disparate systems.

Business Processes Simplified

MF Bzone offers EAI solutions to help organizations simplify their business processes. The basis of these solutions is careful planning, sound methodologies, highly skilled resources, and knowledge gained from numerous prior EAI projects. We ensure flexibility to add or modify product lines and businesses in the fastest possible time, to reuse existing application code, and to seamlessly integrate data from disparate systems to enable direct processing and automated workflow systems.

Our EAI solution suite allows compatibility between a vast array of client legacy systems and databases that do not comply with one another. It also provides you scalability with business growth, and the facility to generate MIS reports from comprehensive message tracing at various levels.

Our EAI solution offerings also have the capability to provide live information across multiple business applications and analyses to the client management and internal users to aid the business decision-making process.

We have helped our clients leverage investments in their legacy and other business systems to offer an integrated information platform with the features clients and partners demand.

Runtime Engine

➤ Orchestrate between all your various systems and services with easy to configure message flows.
➤ Provides a robust runtime to eliminate the brittleness of point-to-point integration approaches while maximizing service reuse

Web services

➤ Integrate with and between web services, including full support for SOAP and REST.
➤ Shield services, regardless of location, from message formats and transport protocols.

Enterprise data

➤ Integrate with databases, JMS queues, custom applications, and many packaged applications, including legacy apps .
➤ Broad support for different data formats (e.g. XML, JSON, CSV) and programming languages

Cloud services

➤ Integrate with SaaS, cloud and social media platforms.
➤ Create new integrations without knowledge of underlying integration infrastructure