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Market Research Services

How much are you ready to risk your money and business with blind decisions? Most business blunders have stemmed from sparsely researched decisions. Market research has become the most inevitable pre-requisite for any critical decision making. Identifying with the need for dependable market research services, we at MF Bzone Solutions has devised our market research solutions which cater to business critical information needs.

Combining the most useful traditional and contemporary market research methodologies, we bring you the entire range of market research process outsourcing services. At MF Bzone, we bring you an objective perspective of the given research problem and present you with solid facts and figures that help you take effective decisions.

MF Bzone market research services

Be it launching of a new product, venturing into a new country zone or any risk bearing initiatives, we can help you get a firm grip on your endeavors. We provide qualitative and quantitative market research services which span across:

  • ➤ Product development research
  • ➤ Census study and research
  • ➤ Business market research - B2B and B2C market research
  • ➤ Media research
  • ➤ Financial research and investment research
  • ➤ Marketing research
  • ➤ Brand positioning research
  • ➤ Pharmaceutical research
  • ➤ Competition analysis, SWOT analysis and feasibility study
Structured market research process for sharp results

From defining the problem and objectives to finally collecting and generating the report with the findings, MF Bzone Solutions employs advanced methodologies, scientific techniques and standard research tools in the research process. SPSS (Scientific Package for Social Sciences), SAS, MS Excel and R are used effectively and efficiently. Our quality control team takes immense care that the study is accurate and error free. Here is an overview of our market research process:

  • ➤ Data collection - Web surveys, telephonic surveys and email surveys
  • ➤ Data processing - Editing and clean up of data
  • ➤ Data analysis
  • ➤ Trend analysis - Comparative study and predictive analysis
  • ➤ Online/web market research
  • ➤ Market research reports generation - Presentation of findings in the format required by you, usually including pictorial and graphical representations
  • ➤ Expert insights and recommendations
  • ➤ Advanced analytics and data mining using SPSS
Partner with MF Bzone Solutions for market research services

Get insightful, reliable and accurate market research services from MF Bzone Solutions. We bring you our quality services providing you a cost benefit of around 40-45%. Also leverage our in depth market research and analytics services within a quick turnaround time.

We are proud of our brilliant team of research analysts who have handled various challenging research assignments for our global clients. Our clients also include market research companies for whom we regularly provide market research support services.